NSPCA Seizure of Donkey and Tiger skins

Victory for elephants

NSPCA Seizure of Donkey and Tiger skins

The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) responded to a tip-off and obtained a warrant to enter a plot in Benoni, east of Johannesburg. The NSPCA Inspectors, accompanied by the Benoni SPCA, uncovered and seized approximately a 1 000 donkey and 7 tiger skins from the plot.

Bales of donkey skins tied together with wire were found on the property. Tiger skins were also found concealed between the donkey skins. Paraphernalia linked to the illegal donkey skin trade was also found. The suspects fled the scene and abandoned the operation.

Upon closer investigation, the Inspectors observed that the slain donkeys appeared to have been hacked behind their necks to presumably render them paralysed in order for them to be skinned. In earlier donkey skin cases, the NSPCA made the shocking discovery that the donkeys were still alive, but paralysed or unconscious, whilst being skinned.

The skins have been seized by the NSPCA and taken to a place of safety.

“The horrible donkey skin trade must come to an end. These animals suffer a horrendous and barbaric death. We urge the public to report such matters to the NSPCA.” said Senior Inspector Grace de Lange, Manager of the NSPCA Farm Animal Protection Unit.

The NSPCA is in the process of taking further legal action and consulting with the relevant authorities.

The NSPCA will continue to work tirelessly to trace and bring to justice any operations which abuse and cruelty treat animals. We will take any steps to protect animals, as well as bring perpetrators of criminal acts to justice.




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