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Join Team National SPCA in this year’s Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge

It is that time of year again when entries have opened for the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge which will take place on Sunday 19 November 2017. […]

Taiwan’s ban on eating cats and dogs

The National Council of SPCAs adds our voice of approval to the internationally hailed progress for animal welfare: – lawmakers in Taiwan have announced that the […]

38 000 Day Old chicks targeted – burnt alive

In an incident described by the NSPCA as cowardly, horrendous and viciously cruel, an estimated 38 000 day old chicks died when the transporter they were on […]

Home sweet home for donkey survivors

The National Council of SPCAs is delighted to report a positive, uplifting and heart-warming outcome relating to donkeys rescued from the horrific trade in their skins. […]
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