LOTTO’s shock decision: Animal Welfare excluded from funding
Home sweet home for donkey survivors

Theft at NSPCA

The National Council of SPCAs reports that a trailer used to transport donkeys or other farm animals such as cattle has been stolen from our Alberton premises. A hitch and jockey wheel from the trailer used by our Special Investigations Unit, whose work combats dog fighting, were also stolen.

The theft occurred over the weekend.

The trailers were parked behind locked gates on the premises of the NSPCA’s training centre in Alberton. The wheels of the trailers were locked using chains.

Whilst the NSPCA is insured, claims and payment take time. In the interim, our ability to respond in emergency situations will be compromised.

This dastardly crime follows the recently received notification that the National Lotteries Commission (“LOTTO”) has excluded animal welfare organisations from its current call for funding applications.

How this affects the NSPCA:

“This is a blow to our organisation,” explained spokesperson Christine Kuch.

“Our Farm Animal Protection Unit has been affected by the loss of their trailer which is an essential piece of equipment especially in their current work assisting donkeys. The fact that a trailer used to transport dogs is inoperative, for no matter how short a time, also impacts on our ability to react to situations when animals need urgent assistance.”

“We remain steadfast. Far from being dispirited, we firmly believe that caring people will rally round to offer moral support or dare we hope that someone out there may be able to assist us in terms of replacing the trailer and fixing the second one. Perhaps this is the opportunity to appeal to everyone to send out a loud and clear message that our work is invaluable and that we have support.”

Anyone willing to assist in any way may contact our offices on 011 907 3590.

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