NSPCA Management

Management Team

The Management Team is made up of personnel with specialist skills and experience who manage their Units.

Marcelle Meredith – Executive Director
Esté Kotzé – Deputy CEO
Erika Bornman– Animal Ethics Unit
Grace de Lange – Farm Animal Protection Unit
Christina Masemola – Society Liaison Unit
Wendy Willson – Special Investigations Unit
Arno de Klerk – Special Projects Unit
Morgane James – Training/Donkey Upliftment Project

Dr Bryce Marock – Veterinarian
Meg Wilson – Public Relations and web
Douglas Wolhuter – Wildlife Protection Unit

Individual Units are supported by staff from the Administration and Communications Units who collectively handle bookkeeping, public relations, website, social media and fundraising functions.

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Marcelle Meredith
Executive Director


Esté Kotzé
Deputy CEO

Board of Directors 2018

The NSPCA is a statutory body and the Board members who are unpaid are appointed in terms of the gazetted Constitution.

Thea Smit – Chair
Jane Marston – Vice Chair
Marcelle Meredith – Executive Director
Barend Kellerman
Chris Marufu
Victoria McDonald
Mary Nicolaou
Annette Rademeyer
Rita McFarlane