Animal Ethics

Our goal is the replacement of animal experiments with humane alternatives. Until this can be achieved, we work to ensure that the minimum number of animals are used and ensure that their welfare is upheld.

Influencing Attitudes Towards Animals Used for scientific purposes

Animals are used for many different purposes in research, training and education and each area of use raises specific ethical, welfare and scientific issues.

The Animal Ethics Unit adopts a constructive, practical approach:

  • Judging every issue individually by developing more effective systems of ethical review;
  • Critically questioning the necessity and justification for animal use in research and education;
  • Arguing the need to reduce the conflict between the interests of animals and of science;
  • Working to improve National Standards and legislation that regulates or creates a demand for animal use; and
  • Monitoring animal welfare by conducting regular inspections at animal research facilities and serving on Animal Ethics Committees.

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