Farm Animal Protection

Farm Animal Protection Unit

All animals are deserving of consideration, even those being raised to feed people and other animals or those raised for their skins. We work towards persuading consumers, industry and government to build a future where cruelty is prevented.

The Farm Animal Protection Unit inspects facilities where farm animals are kept, used or farmed. Some of the areas covered by the Unit are intensive farming, draught animals, pounds, export, abattoirs, sale yards, transportation and small scale farmers.

Our activities include investigation of complaints, routine inspections and disaster response and assistance.

More farm animals are used than any other type of animal in South Africa and farming is more and more seen as a lucrative source of income, especially by small scale farmers. The transition towards small scale farming, however, is not without effect on animal welfare and often aggravates welfare problems instead of solving them. These issues and problems are not limited to any one species of animal.

There are certain legally acceptable farming systems that we are opposed to and believe are inhumane. While we strive to change perceptions and legislation, we also have to do everything possible to assist any animals that are suffering.

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There are many ways you can personally join the NSPCA in taking action against animal cruelty and by using animal-friendly products and services.

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