Special Investigations

One of the responsibilities of our Special Investigations Unit is to address the horrendous and illegal practice of dog fighting.

Various dog fighting raids and pit bull cruelty court cases initiated by the NSPCA have presented opportunities and platforms towards bringing this cruel practice to the attention of both the private and the governmental sector.

Ensuring that accurate information, based on actual fact, presented on an individual and public scale, has resulted in the NSPCA gaining credibility not only in our own country but also amongst the international community.

Unit staff ensure that dog fighting cases already in the legal system continue forward and benefit from determined National Council and judicial system attention as well as maintained public support.

The Special Investigations Unit plays an active part in rescuing fight victims and ensuring, as far as possible, that perpetrators of dog fighting are brought to book.

The Unit provides extensive guidance and support to SPCAs around the country to assist them in their individual campaigns against dog fighting.

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