Special Projects

Special Projects

As the name suggests, this Unit is responsible for monitoring the welfare of animals which are used in recreational, guarding and exhibition activities. It also deals with animals that do not fit into the traditional production, companion or wild categories.

The issues dealt with cover a diverse range of activities, and encompass animal husbandry, training and application.

The Unit focuses on the following industries: pigeon racing, security companies using dogs, dog racing and the transportation of animals through our ports of entry and exit (borders).

Working animals such as SAPS K9 and mounted units, DAFF Detection Unit Dogs, ACSA Runway Dogs, Equine Security, dogs and horses at prisons, animals at Airports, Endurance Riding and Gara Rufa fish at beauty spas are monitored by our Special Projects Unit.

The Unit also works extensively on humane deterrents or control of “problem animals” and electronic training devices.

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