Stress in Tigerfish

Although it seems strange, fish do get stressed just like humans.

Symptoms of Stress in Fish

If you are unsure whether your fish is happy or stressed, look out for the following symptoms:

  • Gasping – When fish gasp at the surface of the water, it could be a sign of stress brought on by a lack of oxygen in the water.
  • Loss of appetite – If a fish is stressed he will lose interest in food.
  • Swimming patterns – When fish are stressed, they exhibit odd swimming patterns such as swimming around frantically and crashing into the bottom of his tank.

Causes of Stress in Fish:

Possible causes of stress in household fish could be as a result of poor water conditions, trouble with other fish or excessive disturbances of the fish’s environment.

Read about the in-depth research conducted on stress in fish by the African Journal of Aquatic Science.


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