The SPCA movement in South Africa “is opposed to the unnecessary mutilation of animals – for cosmetic, sporting, entertainment or convenience purposes:- including but not limited to tail docking, ear cropping, debarking and declawing.” (Extract from the Statement of Policy)

Ear Cropping

The NSPCA is opposed to ear cropping, as with all unnecessary mutilation of animals.

Extract from Code of Conduct and Practice for Veterinarians – S A Veterinary Council:




Surgery to alter the natural state of an animal is acceptable only if it is necessary for the health and welfare of the animal concerned. Performance of any surgical procedure for other than legitimate medical reasons is unacceptable.


Many surgical procedures are performed on animals for valid health, welfare and management reasons. However, surgical procedures performed on animals which not only do not benefit the health and welfare of the animal but may actually be detrimental, include but are not limited to:

  • Ear cropping in dogs;
  • Tail docking in dogs.

Some of these procedures have traditionally been carried out by laypersons without due regard to the health and welfare of the animal. All these procedures are painful, and the consequences of the procedure may adversely affect the animal’s health and welfare.

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