Donkeys Under Threat

Donkeys are the latest victims of the trade in animal parts to the Far East.

What is the NSPCA Doing?

Investigations by the NSPCA have revealed that donkeys are being rounded up, stolen, then transported and brutally slaughtered for their skins. Horrific cases of cruelty have been uncovered and criminal charges have been laid.

Several meetings have been held with the relevant stakeholders and all avenues are being pursued to address this major welfare concern.

Over and above the horrendous cruelty to donkeys, it is noted that individuals and communities are suffering since their livelihoods and often their only means of transportation are being taken from them for purchases for money.

Donkey Skin Trade

Stand with us and help protect donkeys.

Why Donkey Skins?

The donkey skins are being used to make gelatin for a product called ejiao a product that has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

What is Ejiao?

Ejiao (said: eh-gee-yow) is a hard gel which can be dissolved in hot water or alcohol to be used in food or drink or it is used in beauty products such as face creams. Ejiao is believed to improve blood circulation so is used as a blood tonic by people with anaemia, low blood cell counts or reproductive problems.

Why Are We Hearing About This Now?

The demand for ejiao has dramatically increased in the last few years. There used to be around 11 million donkeys in China but the number has dropped to 6 million in the last 20 years.

Donkeys and donkey skins are now being transported from other countries, including Africa. Most of these are being bought and sold by dealers but a significant number of donkeys are also being stolen from their owners.


The NSPCA is supporting the Donkey Sanctuary, UK campaign which calls for a halt to the trade in donkey skins to produce ejiao until the impact of the trade can be assessed and shown to be both humane for donkeys and sustainable for the communities that depend on them.

Please visit the Donkey Sanctuary’s website here for an in depth report on this growing concern.

We urge our supporters to commit to standing against this horrendous trade by clicking on the Count On Us button to raise awareness of the needs of donkeys and their value to humanity. By clicking on this button and sharing the campaign, you will be standing with us on this issue and empowering the voice of animal welfare.

Be Their Voice

UPDATE: The Donkey Skin Trade Targets Brazil click here for more info