Codes – Protecting the Welfare of Animals

All Pounds, Saleyards, Livestock Shows and Vending Sites, including SPCAs acting as Livestock Pounds, must comply with the relevant national standards. These standards are compiled and established in co-operation and in conjunction with the SABS and relevant industry role players.

Standards currently under review:

  • SANS 631:2009 Crocodiles in Captivity
Welfare Standards

Intensive Farming

With the advent of industrialised farming and intensive rearing systems, the welfare of animals has regrettably taken a back seat and constant lobbying to improve systems, eliminate cruel practices and introduce welfare codes of practice and standards, therefore, forms part of the National Council of SPCA’s (NSPCA) ongoing strategy. The challenge of all producers, from large commercial operations to small-scale emerging farmers, is to meet the increased demand while achieving the highest animal welfare standards within the various production systems.

The NSPCA is opposed to all forms of farming and animal husbandry practices, which cause suffering or distress to animals, or which unreasonably restrict their movements or their behavioural patterns which are necessary for the well-being of the species concerned.

We encourage and promote free-range practices which allow animals freedom of movement and strive to prevent practices of separating young from their mothers in order to increase production.


The following Codes are being updated through the South African Bureau of Standards with the involvement of the NSPCA:


We prevent cruelty, promote kindness and alleviate the suffering of animals.

Reporting animal cruelty to your local SPCA directly will ensure that the animal is reached faster

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