Animal Welfare Training

Animal Welfare Training

Training to Protect Animals

Results and effectiveness of personnel should be measurable. Accepted evaluation methods are used both pre and post the course training presented by the NSPCA. These evaluation methods are tailored for the specific needs of the course or workshop. The evaluation also provides an opportunity to assess the areas in which delegates need extra assistance and growth.

Our training courses focus on service delivery to animals and those responsible for their care and protection. Our training gives delegates the opportunity to learn more about animals in a friendly, safe environment. Most courses offer opportunities for practical learning experiences and delegates are able to improve their skills levels and learn first-hand about animal care and handling.

With some 90+ registered SPCAs in South Africa, the SPCA movement enforces over 90% of animal welfare legislation in this country.

Collectively we strive to improve the lives of ALL ANIMALS through education and law enforcement.

Field Officer Training

Reaching Communities

SPCAs also make use of the services of Field Officers who play vital roles within their communities. These are committed members of staff who strive towards a kinder world by educating communities on the proper treatment of animals and providing support to people and their animals. Adult level education is by way of leaflets, which are primarily pictorial for rural areas and brochures for urban areas.

Many Field Officers go on to becoming Inspectors.

Inspector Training

Achieving Animal Care and Protection

As the prime animal protection organisation in South Africa, the NSPCA is able to offer training on animal species specific issues relating to farmed animals, domestic animals and wildlife. This training equips inspectors to effectively handle a variety of animals in whatever situation they may be encountered. These may be in the form of physical animal rescues or providing recommendations for improvements to those who care for them.

South Africa has well established enforceable animal protection legislation. However, understanding of the animal issues and interpretation of the legislation by the prosecutors and magistrates is vital to the success of prosecutions. Inspectors are therefore also tutored on how to address typical animal law enforcement challenges, apply the law, gather evidence effectively and present evidence to the court.

During the past 10 years, delegates from SPCAs around the country have been trained to function as Inspectors within their communities. Through their proactive initiatives and reactive responses, our Inspectors are able to prevent cruelty, uplift lives and end the suffering of thousands of animals.

Inspectors receive ongoing training throughout their careers and the NSPCA ensures that courses for Inspectors and Senior Inspectors are regularly updated, reviewed and revised in order to ensure that high standards are maintained.

Industry Welfare Training

Promoting Compassion

The NSPCA promotes animal protection, understanding and compassion through our training programmes. With our wide range of expertise and experience, we are able to provide training for specific industry welfare requirements. To this end, specialised courses are provided on request to Stock Theft personnel, Correctional Services, veterinary students, airline personnel and other service providers and law enforcement agencies. This training is practical and effective, resulting in well informed and trained service providers as well as service receivers.

Networking with, supporting and uplifting the people who are involved in actively improving the lives of animals, results in positive benefits for animals.

NSPCA – Training for a Kinder World

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