Reporting Animal Cruelty

HOW TO REPORT CRUELTY TO ANIMALS: Members of the public sometimes witness acts of cruelty towards animals or come across instances of animals being neglected or […]

16 Days of Activism Against Violence

Yesterday marked the start of 16 Days of Activism Against Violence 2018. 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence is an international campaign to challenge violence […]

Animal Poisoning – how to protect your companion

Death by poisoning is arguably the most cruel and inhumane way to kill an animal. Aldicarb, (alternatively known as Two-step or Temik) is most commonly used […]

Petting farms – are they really educational?

The National Council of SPCA’s is opposed to all forms of farming and animal husbandry practices which causes suffering or distress to animals or which unreasonably […]

Rabies in animals and humans

Rabies in animals and humans explained: The following facts about Rabies, obtained from the World Health Organization, explains the disease, how it is spread, and how […]

Choosing a Dog

WHEN YOU DECIDE TO ADOPT A DOG This is very different to choosing a gift that can be switched off and packed away when the novelty […]

Cruelty on the Internet

Sickening Sights – Facebook and Internet What can be done? The National Council of SPCAs is often called upon “to do something about” a photograph or […]


Pangolins (Ietermagog) are described as odd animals that are seldom seen in the wild. This is a mammal covered in dark grey-brown scales which cover the […]

Juno, the Rescued Brown Hyena

On 26 September 2013, Inspector Wendy Willson of the NSPCA’s Wildlife Protection Unit was instrumental in the safe capture of the juvenile brown hyena that had […]

Skins n Things

Ever given a thought to the life of the zebra whose skin you’ve just walked over, or the porcupine whose quills you’ve added to your African […]

Animal Hoarding

Click here for our fact sheet on Animal Hoarding Is it a case of do-gooders gone wrong? Who or what exactly is an animal hoarder, the […]

Choose alternatives to dairy

The dairy Industry in South Africa (and all over the world really): Did you know: Just like people, cows must give birth in order to produce […]

Magic Fish

“Magic Fish” are fish eggs imported from Asia. They are packed in very small bowls and all the purchasers need to do is add water and […]

Fish memory

Fish DO have a good memory and can even be sneaky Fish do not have a three second memory and are in fact quite cunning, according […]

NSPCA Introduces new blog

The NSPCA is proud to announce that we are starting a blog! Our blog will cover any and all topics to do with animals, whether domestic, […]
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