OPAL call for breakthrough

As momentum and overwhelming public support grow for the release of the orang-utan Opal from the facility of Brian Boswell to sanctuary for her last years […]
NSPCA |Landmark-Court-Sentencing

Landmark Court Sentencing

The National Council of SPCAs acknowledges with heartfelt appreciation the significant outcome of the case against Margaretha Catherina (Rina) Joubert. Dedication, commitment and foresight throughout this […]
NSPCA |Pomfret

Pomfret and Bray Outreach

Pomfret Community Outreach On the 2 April 2016 a team of 16 members made up of staff from the National Council, Kloof and Highway SPCA and […]
NSPCA | Elephant eye

NSPCA Grieves for Elephants

NSPCA again grieves for Elephants MEDIA STATEMENT: ISSUED ON 12 May 2016 NSPCA AGAIN GRIEVES FOR ELEPHANTS “We are extremely disappointed and do not feel that […]
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