Declaration To The Japanese People

Declaration To The Japanese People

Embarrassment To Save Face
Declaration To The Japanese People

"The Japanese people are respectfully asked to stop and think about how absurd it is that the Japanese government is annually bringing embarrassment on Japan and its people by stubbornly returning to the Southern Ocean whale hunt grounds in order to save face (mentsu wo tamotsu)”.

  • "Japan might not be failing to save face but regrettably it is also not succeeding.”
  • Whaling only really became big in Japan after World War Two when food was short and is certainly not necessary now.
  • In recent times for various reasons most Japanese people are going off the idea of eating whale meat leading to a situation where there are already tonnes of unsold whale meat from the North Pacific. So "why needlessly hunt whales in the Southern Ocean when in international eyes it only only attracts bad sentiment towards Japan and therefore bad sentiment towards the normally harmonious Japanese people”. It seems the Japanese people should be quite unhappy with their government for doing this to them. They know that it is not about research with that very regrettably being an out of character Japanese lie to the world. "The Japanese government is tragically making liars out of the normally responsible Japanese people and therefore causing them to loose face in the eyes of the world”. The Japanese people could perhaps long ago have spoken out publicly.
  • The Southern Ocean hunt is primarily about not loosing face (mentsu wo ushinau), about not being seen to loose to organisations like Sea Shepherd when in fact face (mentsu) suffers due to a lie. Face is not a reason for the Japanese government to attract embarrassment onto the Japanese people.
  • To a lesser extent it is also about maintaining the Japanese whaling industry. The Japanese whaling industry does not need to be maintained. The decomposing whale meat stockpiles prove that. "Slaughtering intelligent sentient lifeforms for meat that will predictably be discarded is a tragic and sadly unthinkable Japanese act against the planets harmony”.
  • The international community generously donated over a billion dollars in aid and resources after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Inherent to this was an implied obligation by Japan after accepting the foreign aid to not squander its own money that it should be using for the relief effort. "In unintentional disrespect to the international communities generosity, the Japanese government diverted 2.28 billion yen ($29.4 million USD) of Japanese taxpayers money from the earthquake and tsunami relief budget” towards a 600% budget increase for the Southern Ocean whale hunt to increase security. Clearly this was utterly disproportional to the Japanese government stance that one whaling ship was home ported in Tohoku. The Japanese people are already displeased. In a non-legal sense this was the equivalent of international fraud. "In keeping with Japanese ideals and culture, this dishonourable action by the Japanese government regrettably reflects as a sadly not very honourable action by the otherwise honourable Japanese people.”
  • Now "Japan's defiance of the International Court of Justice” 2014 ruling should be alerting the Japanese people that they should long ago have actively reigned in their countries activities in the Southern Ocean. Japan does not need to hunt whales at all.

The Japanese government works for the Japanese people.
Now is an opportunity for the Japanese people to demonstrate personal responsibility.

Updated: 15 February 2016

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