National Donkey Upliftment Project

We are giving donkey owners a Hand UP not a Hand Out

This gives the donkeys a kinder, brighter future

We will go far as the sponsorship and donations we receive can add to and stretch our resources.

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Donkeys are widely used throughout the developing world for assisting humankind by drawing carts and farm implements, carrying packs across rough terrain and for riding. Their kind, gentle dispositions make them ideal for use by women and children; unfortunately this also opens them to abuse and ill-treatment.

Donkeys are often seen as being stubborn and stupid, when in reality the times they are not willing to work is often when they are so exhausted or in such poor condition and malnourished that they simply cannot.

They have a remarkable ability to survive and continue working under extremely harsh, cruel conditions and are truly great service animals. It is said that "the donkey sustains life in carrying water, wood and giving service to the poorest and most remote peoples in Africa”.

The NSPCA National Donkey Protection Project is a holistic approach to improving the lives of these animals. Each aspect of care and welfare needs to be addressed including:-

  • limiting working hours so the animals have chance to rest and graze
  • improving heavy and unsafe carts
  • replacing worn, unsafe tyres which cannot be adequately inflated creating more resistance for the donkeys to pull
  • youth education programmes – investing in long term welfare
  • primary health care
  • harnessing skills transfer – training owners how to make humane harnessing
  • humane training and handling of donkeys

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Updated: 10 April 2013

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