Eco Estates

Eco Estates

The sales jargon paints a picture of a life in harmony with nature. Of bushy trees, lush grass and playful buck frolicking in your erf. Living amongst only animal minded people who share your passion for all that is living. Almost surreal, in fact it is.

Each year the Unit is inundated with people from eco-estates asking advice on how to kill the dassies who are eating their petunias, the Egyptian geese destroying their boma's thatch roof or the baboons stealing their fruit. All these people live in this harmonious environment. Further queries from inhabitants are how to reduce the number of antelope on the estate as due to the development of houses the land available to wildlife has drastically diminished.

Very often people cannot envisage what the estate will look like after all the developments have been completed and only see the show house and lots of wildlife bounding about. These days the word ‘Green' has become a catch phrase and great selling point. Unscrupulous developers will use these terms and actual wildlife to sell their development for them turning huge profits.

Once the development is sold they often walk away leaving the wildlife to their own peril. Some people see these estates as mere security estates with no thought given to the animals and when the dassie eats her flowers her true colours shine through.

We request that anyone thinking of investing in such an estate ponder over the above and ask a few questions such as :

  • The track record of the developer with reference to wildlife ?
  • How many houses will be developed at time of completion ?
  • Will there be enough space for the existing animals to survive naturally ?
  • What is the protocol of game reduction when the numbers get too large ?
  • Is there a screening process in place to ensure buyers are actually environmentally friendly ?
  • Are you willing to have the dassies eat your flowers or meerkats visit the kitchen?
  • Please consider wildlife when purchasing at an eco-estate.

Updated: 8 September 2015

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