Farm Animals

Farmed Animals

AQUACULTURE - To Read about fish farming (Aquaculture), click here

BRANDING - Hot iron cheek branding is cruel. Read more on this issue here

CROCODILES - To Read more on farmed crocodiles, click here

EMERGING FARMERS - To Read about emerging farmer projects, click here

INTENSIVE FARMING - Read more about intensive farming here

LIVE EXPORT BY SEA - Click here for more on this issue

MARKING - Click here for more on how to mark animals legally

OSTRICHES AND EMUS - Read more about Ostrich and Emu farming here

PATE DE FOIE GRAS - To Read about Pate de Foie Gras, click here

SALEYARDS - Click here to read more on saleyards, hawking sites and livestock pounds

SLAUGHTER - Click here to read about the monitoring of abattoirs

TRANSPORT - See more on the road transport of farmed animals here

WELFARE FRIENDLY - Click here to learn more about welfare friendly products

WELFARE STANDARDS - To Read about the codes protecting the welfare of farmed animals, click here

Updated: 4 November 2015

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