Live export by sea

New evidence has come to light confirming cruelty and suffering when live animals are exported by sea.

A confidential report by Australian Veterinarian Lynn Simpson revealed appalling conditions on the “livestock carriers”. Animals sustained horrific injuries from having to stand on hard floors for weeks on end. Sick animals unable to survive were loaded due to the poor inspection process.

Leg injuries, pneumonia and animals drenched in faecal matter were cited.

Concerns about the live export industry were expressed in the report which was inadvertently published. The Veterinarian was dismissed, claiming that her evidence had been sanitised and stated that “It told me that the [live export] industry was controlling the regulator. For the industry to be able to kick a government employee out of a government job, it speaks volumes, it is a form of corruption and that is all there is to it.”

South Africa continues to export thousands of live animals by sea for slaughter. The NSPCA opposes this practice and has campaigned over many years for it to end: - on welfare grounds.

  • The NSPCA has witnessed similar issues in the past and continues to advocate that exports should be “on the hook not on the hoof.” Be our voice for animals and support our stance here
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  • Created: 30 June 2016

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