An Easy Way to Help Confront Animal Cruelty

You can support the fight against animal cruelty while shopping by using any of the following products and services:

MySchool NSPCA

MySchool / MyPlanet / MyVillage Card

The beauty of the shopping card is that it will cost you nothing to get, and nothing to use, yet every time you swipe it your favourite charity gets money.

Add the “SPCA – The National Fund” to your list of beneficiaries.

Once you have registered please send your name and email address to so that we can keep in touch.

Current MySchool Card Holders

Is your beneficiary still relevant?

Why not change your existing beneficiary to the SPCA National Fund or add the SPCA National Fund to your existing beneficiaries? You can have up to three beneficiaries.

SmartShopper NSPCA

Pick n Pay Smart Shopper Card

You can use the Smart Shopper kiosk or Pick n Pay mobile app to donate your Smart Shopper points to the NSPCA.

eBucks Rewards


We are delighted that the NSPCA has been accepted as a beneficiary of the FNB eBucks initiative. Please click on the link below for an overview of how it works but basically, eBucks can be converted to a cash value and donated to ourselves.

This opens up yet another avenue to help animals – without the “donor” actually incurring direct costs. Please support this and spread the word. This initiative really could be of enormous value in our efforts to help all animals on an ongoing basis. Let’s make it work!

power24 MySchool

Pre-Paid Electricity

The NSPCA thanks everyone who is supporting our animal welfare work by having taken out MY SCHOOL or MY PLANET cards with the SPCA National Fund as beneficiary. We were pleased to announce the most recent opportunity which is to swipe those cards when pre-paid electricity is being purchased.

Details of all the locations which accept MY SCHOOL / MY PLANET cards and how electricity can be purchased:

Make a Gift

If you would like to make your own contribution you may do so on our Donations page.