Go Green for Animals

Make the Green Choice and help animals every day

Food Choices

  • Buy welfare-friendly food products.
  • Pledge to eat less meat.
  • Join our Campaign and say NO to sow crates.
  • Participate in Meatless Mondays.
  • Only use reusable, fabric shopping bags. Plastic bags kill wildlife.

Beauty & Home Choices

  • Purchase cruelty-free cosmetics and household products.
  • Support compassion in fashion and don’t let your fashion statements be the cause of animal suffering. Wear synthetic products where possible.
  • Provide a safe environment for your non-human companions.
  • Pledge to only make use of humane methods to control rodents and other problem animals.
  • Do not use poisons.

Garden Choices

Choices you make in your garden have a direct effect on animals and the environment. Here’s how to make your garden greener and more welcoming to wildlife.

  • Enjoy the company of the local indigenous animals that visit your garden and consider it a privilege to have them around.
  • Don’t buy property on an eco-estate if you are a prize-winning gardener. You probably won’t appreciate the dassies eating your flowers.
  • Save yourself the effort of mowing and remove some of your lawn, and encourage naturally vegetated areas to restore natural habitat.
  • Replace exotic plants with indigenous varieties, which need little or no watering and are resistant to indigenous pests.
  • Plant indigenous trees and shrubs which sustain birdlife and insects.
  • Place birdfeeders in your garden to encourage local birds. Remember to place them somewhere inaccessible to your pets.
  • Offer birds water in your garden. Water features will attract the most birds when the water is clean and fresh.
  • Standing water features such as bird baths and dishes should be cleaned daily.
  • Opt for pest avoidance techniques rather than poisons and pesticides.
  • Use humane methods to solve conflicts with wild animals.

Entertainment & Holiday Choices

  • Visit and enjoy nature reserves and conservation areas to appreciate wild animals in their natural surroundings rather than spending your money on visiting facilities that keep wild animals in cages.
  • Join our Campaign and say NO to wild animals in circuses.
  • When holidaying, do not support activities which negatively affect the lives of animals. These include lion cub handling and elephant-back rides.
  • Don’t buy trinkets made from animal products – porcupine quills, crocodile skin et al.
  • Don’t encourage interaction with wild animals by offering them food.
  • Drive safely on our roads, and look out for wildlife crossing them.
  • Do not litter.
  • When travelling, don’t buy tortoises and chameleons at the side of the road and report any sightings of this illegal trade to the conservation authorities. Money fuels this despicable trade, and to stop the cycle it is necessary to stop the demand. Don’t let your act of kindness result in the removal of more animals from the wild.