Pledge to Eat Less Meat

Pledge to Eat Less Meat

Our Pledge to Eat Less Meat

Making the world a better place for farm animals.

781 Warriors have signed the pledge.

We share your vision for:

1,000,000 people eating 1 kg less meat (red meat, white meat, fish) per week (52,000,000 kg / 52,000 tons per annum) in South Africa which will mean that thousands less animals will be killed for our food. 1,000,000 people eating only welfare-friendly animal products in South Africa. The following are approximate weights of the quantity of meat used from each animal for human consumption:-

Beef 230 kg / Chicken 1 kg / Lamb 17 kg / Mutton 28 kg / Pork 65 kg.

I do hereby make a commitment on behalf of my family to reduce our meat consumption by 1kg per person per week (4kg per person per 28-day cycle).

I also make a commitment on behalf of my family to eat only welfare friendly products, even if it means paying a higher price for the food. Below are just a few examples of what we will look for:

  • Badger friendly honey.
  • Cheeses which do not contain animal rennet
  • Dolphin friendly tuna.
  • Welfare-friendly chicken and other white meat.
  • Welfare-friendly meat (beef, sheep, lamb and pork).
  • Welfare-friendly or free range eggs.
  • And in the event of not finding these on supermarket shelves, I will make speak to the store manager and demand that he/she obtains supplies of welfare-friendly products.
  • My family and I further make a commitment to encouraging at least 4 other families to make the same commitment and also sign the pledge.

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By signing this pledge and making a firm commitment for yourself and your family to reduce the number of animals needed for food as well as promoting their welfare through your purchasing power, you have achieved the status of RESPONSIBLE CONSUMERS.

And even more good news is that through your commitment you are also helping to reduce the amount of water that would be used for producing the animal products – to find out what you are achieving go to

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