Welfare Standards

Codes - Protecting the Welfare of Animals

The SABS Standards Abridged Catalogue can be obtained from:-

All Pounds, Saleyards, Livestock Shows and Vending Sites, including SPCAs acting as Livestock Pounds, must comply with the relevant national standards. These standards are compiled and established in co-operation- and conjunction with the SABS and relevant industry role players.

The current published national livestock standards are

SANS 1488:2014 – Humane Transportation of Livestock by Road -
available at http://www.store.sabs.co.za/sans-1488-ed-1-00

SANS 1469:2014 – Humane keeping and handling of Livestock at Saleyards, Pounds, Shows and Vending sites -
available at http://www.store.sabs.co.za/sans-1469-ed-1-00

SANS 1488 and 1469 - Important New Livestock Standards Published
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Handlers Guide to Good Livestock Handling
An easy to read pamphlet based on the SABS standard 1469:2014. Please click here …

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Codes under review by us are

  • Crocodile Farming
  • Dairy Code
  • Pig Farming Welfare Code

Updated: 9 September 2015

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