The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) were again victorious in the Grahamstown High Court today after an Urgent High Court Application was brought against them by Al Mawashi and their counterpart; Livestock Transport and Trading Company KSC (KLTT) to have the interim interdict of 9 June 2020 reconsidered.

The case was heard urgently on Thursday (25 June 2020) morning following the NSPCA’s victory in the High Court on 9 June 2020, where an interim interdict was granted prohibiting the export of live sheep to the Middle East, pending the outcome of the hearing already set down for 16 July 2020. Al Mawashi and KLTT attempted to have the interim interdict reconsidered.

Al Mawashi alleged that such a delay in shipment would cost the company exponentially as they have to continue to feed the animals at the feedlot, and the costs of having the Al Messilah vessel at the East London Harbour for this prolonged period, would cause the company substantial financial losses to the degree that they would have to close their operations in South Africa.

Al Mawashi also claimed that a reduction of the number of sheep, from 70 000 to 56 000, is a fair compromise and would appease the NSPCA’s concerns – this is simply not true. Reports have indicated that reducing the number of sheep would have no significant benefit on the welfare of the animals as the cruelty relates to more than merely stocking density issues.

Judge Bloem ruled against Al Mawashi and KLTT. Al Mawashi may not export any sheep from South Africa until the matter is heard in the High Court on 16 July 2020.

“We are thrilled that the High Court has stood by their decision. This may be considered a small step in the fight against live export by sea, but it is a giant leap for South Africa. The Constitutional Court recognised animals as sentient creatures in 2016 – and the High Court is standing by this” said Marcelle Meredith, the NSPCA’s Executive Director.

The NSPCA sincerely thanks our esteemed legal team consisting of Adv Kevin Hopkins, Adv Alexander Ashton, and Dean Wright, Dominique Lloyd and Elani Vogel of Schindlers Attorneys, for their passion, dedication, and expertise, Animals Australia for their consistent and substantial support, and the public for their generosity and kindness up to this point.

This fight, however, is far from over and the NSPCA still needs financial support – the matter for an interim interdict will be heard on 16 July 2020 in the High Court and thereafter, the final ban of live export, over the equator will be sought.

The NSPCA is opposed to the live export of animals by sea.


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