Special Projects

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The Special Projects Unit focuses on various portfolios which do not fall within the traditional domestic, farm or wild categories.

Below are the focus areas of this unit:

The unit is responsible for a variety of portfolios and although a diverse field of expertise is required all the portfolios work towards a common goal, the humane treatment of animals, prevention of animal cruelty and uplifting their welfare.

The use of animals in recreational, guarding and exhibition and sporting activities forms the core focuses of the unit. Yet we still make time for the little animals such as bats or rodents and humane alternatives to dealing with these “problem animals”. Extensive work is done on deterrents or humane control methods which is promoted to members of public who come face to face with these animals. Methods of pest management that cause suffering, pain or distress to any animals are opposed.

The unit travels across South Africa to oversee the welfare of working animals used in the Private Security Industry as well as a animals used by South African Police Services, South African National Defence Force, Correctional Services, South African Revenue Services Customs department.

The movement of animals through our land, see and Airports are monitored and the humane methods of transport is advocated and enforced through regular inspections along the borders of South Africa and Airports that transport animals abroad.

The SPCA is opposed to all forms of transportation which compromise the well-being of all animals or which causes or may cause pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm.
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