Explore the Work We Do in South Africa

Our work includes:

Animals in Research

Our goal is the replacement of animal experiments with humane alternatives.

Community Outreach

Improving the welfare standards of animals through our Outreach Programmes and Donkey Project.

Field Officer Participative Exercise

The main objectives of the Society Liaison Unit are spelt out in the SPCA Act 169/93.

NSPCA Inspectors Training

It is the responsibility of our Training Unit to present courses in a professional and user-friendly manner.

Working Donkey Welfare

All animals are deserving of consideration, even those being used to serve people.

Farm Animal Protection - Labelling of animal products

The NSPCA Inspectors carry out Inspections at all Farm Animal Facilities.

Wildlife Protection

The Wildlife Protection Unit has gained national recognition for its expertise and sound approach.

Special Projects - Animals Crossing Borders

The Special Projects Unit focuses on various portfolios which do not fall within the traditional domestic, farm or wild categories.