One of the easiest ways to ensure that animals are protected in years to come is to include the National Council of SPCAs as a beneficiary in your Will.

A Will may be the most important personal document you ever sign, because it governs the administration and disposal of all that you have striven for in life. And we all want to protect what matters to us – from our beloved family to dearly held beliefs.

Like you, we believe that no animal should have to experience pain and suffering. Every living creature has intrinsic value and is a sentient being, and it is our responsibility to ensure that their welfare is respected and protected.

If you decide to make or update your Will and are kind enough to remember the National Council of SPCAs, we thank you!

We promise that your gift to us will be used effectively to assist all species of animals around South Africa – to uplift their lives and improve their welfare in whatever situation they find themselves.

* If you need assistance in nominating the National Council of SPCAs as a beneficiary in your Will, please send an email to

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