Wildlife Protection

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The NSPCA Inspectors carry out Inspections at all Wildlife Facilities

We focus on projects that include:

The Captive Lion Industry
Elephants in Captivity
Elephants in Captivity
Illegal Trade and Trafficking of Wildlife
Illegal Trade of Wildlife
Exotic and Indigenous Pets
Lion and Lioness Portrait
Ethical Tourism

The NSPCA Wildlife Protection Unit’s duties include inspections of all facilities which have wildlife, both indigenous and exotic. Liaison and joint operations with National and Provincial nature conservation entities, the High Priority Crimes division of the SAPS and local SPCA inspectorates form a large part of the Unit’s tasks.

The NSPCA’s Wildlife Protection Unit comment on Policy, Norms and Standards, and Regulations which affect animal welfare within the wildlife industry. Our mandate remains animal welfare and the impacts that people have when interacting at any level with wildlife. This mandate was defined in the NSPCAs High Court victory in the lion bone quota wherein Judge Kollapen’s judgement makes it clear that no official may take any administrative steps without taking into account the welfare concerns for the animals that will be affected by that decision. See the judgement here.

Collaboration between the South African Police Services, Provincial Nature Conservation and National Conservation entities towards a common goal, is crucial to the success of intertwining animal welfare with conservation.

What Can I Do? We need your support in protecting our beautiful wildlife in South Africa
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