It is estimated that there are at least 80 crocodile farms in South Africa. Some of these farms hold over 20 000 crocodiles in captivity. Crocodiles are bred, intensively reared, and killed ostensibly for their skins.

There is a move in South Africa for crocodiles to be reared in single or unitised pens. Some of these pens are small and shorter than a crocodile’s full length. They do not facilitate movement or stretching. The pens provide no shelter, have minimum water depth, and are covered with a wired roof dome. Single pen confinement that prevents the animal from being able to turn around and to be able to thermoregulate is totally unacceptable.

The NSPCA is currently engaging with the crocodile industry and the Department of Agriculture Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) in the finalising of the Crocodile Slaughter Regulations. The crocodile South African Bureau of Standards document, SANS 631:2009, was developed to ensure farmers comply to minimum standards. The standard is outdated and is currently being revised.

Farm Animal Protection - Crocodile Farms
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Should any member of the public want to obtain Standards, they can purchase it from contacting the SABS or go to the below.