Illegal Trade and Trafficking of Wildlife

Illegal Trade and Trafficking of Wildlife2023-06-09T09:44:24+02:00

The NSPCA Wildlife Protection Unit carries out raids on the common areas where illegal hawking of wildlife continues. The most trafficked animals by these hawkers at road intersections are reptiles such as Chameleons and Tortoises.

Did you know that by purchasing these animals to ‘save’ them is the driving force behind the continued sale and abuse of our indigenous wildlife? If people are found without a permit to keep one of these animals, he/she may face prosecution even as a good Samaritan. Threatened or Protected Species may see a prosecution which carries charges up to R10 million and the seizure of assets. Do not support these traders! Report them to the relevant Nature Conservation officials and the closest SPCA. The NSPCA in joint operations with Nature Conservation have rescued many reptiles and handed in supporting evidence to the SAPS.

It is illegal to purchase and transport any indigenous wildlife without the relevant permits. Provincial Nature Conservation entities also require import permits if exotics are being brought from another province.

Tortoises in a Cage
Illegal Trafficking of Wildlife

The NSPCA has been working with the North West Department: Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism (NW DEDECT) in an effort to clamp down not only on the roadside hawkers, but also to monitor the muthi shops where both flora and fauna are used in traditional medicines and remedies.

The NSPCA’s focus is the origin of the animal parts. How was the animal trapped, handled, killed and of course the legalities of whether there were permits issued for such activities?

The NSPCA has the greatest respect for traditional remedies and cultures, however it cannot be at the expense of the welfare of the animal in terms of the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962.
What Can I Do?

You can help us combat the inhumane and illegal animal trade by supporting our Wildlife Protection unit.

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