About The NSPCA

For 60 years, the NSPCA has been protecting our country’s animals.

We prevent cruelty, promote kindness and alleviate the suffering of animals.

Our objective is to serve and protect ALL animals, to uplift their welfare and to ensure that the protection they have under South African law is upheld and respected.

About Us

Our supporters are important to us. We thank you for being the change for animals

We rely on people like you to be our eyes and ears on the ground. We’re extremely grateful that there are people like you who look out for animals and their welfare.

Please report animal cruelty or an animal in distress to your nearest SPCA.

Find out more about various animal species, the challenges and how to help protect them and improve their welfare.
The learning section covers two aspects, that is, materials for the education of children, youth and adults plus skills development, namely, training.
We hope that you will be moved by this aspect of the work that we undertake, some of it heartwarming, much of it heartbreaking.

There are numerous people in South Africa who rely on their animals such as donkeys and horses for transport and power for farming and commercial activities; and there are the many who rely on their animals to provide milk, eggs and food.

Our experience in the outlying rural areas is that numerous people have heard about the advantages of neutering their domestic animals and want this done. They also want veterinary treatment for their animals but have to look on helplessly as their animals suffer as there is often no money, and they can't just hop into a vehicle and take their animal to the vet.

Our community projects are therefore very important in getting out to these mostly forgotten people and helping them by helping their animals.


Click on the links below to view the current campaigns we are running.

Thank you for joining us in addressing these important animal welfare issues.



Join the NSPCA in the 947 Cycle Challenge

Entries are open for the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, which will take place on Sunday 19 November 2017. The NSPCA would like to invite you to ride […]

Criminals posing as SPCA employees

The NSPCA issues an urgent appeal to members of the public to be extra cautious when permitting access to private property. This follows after an incident […]

Victory for chickens – dubbing not permitted

The NSPCA welcomes the judgement by Judge Van Der Linde made in the South Gauteng High Court late last week, whereby it was upheld that the […]


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Adopting from an SPCA

SPCAs do not give away animals nor do they sell animals.

Animals are ADOPTED. This may seem like we are playing word games but there is a big difference. Let us explain.
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Career as an Inspector

Do you fancy a career as an Inspector?

Inspectors receive ongoing training throughout their careers and the NSPCA ensures that courses for Inspectors and Senior Inspectors are regularly updated, reviewed and revised in order to ensure that high standards are maintained.
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SPCA structure in South Africa

Individual SPCAs are not branches of the NSPCA but are autonomous members who must be registered with the NSPCA which administers the SPCA Act 169 of 1993.
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