Urgent Plea to Help Lion Cubs Recover

North west lions

Lions Living a Nightmare

Crammed into overcrowded, filthy and parasitic conditions, some with no water and 27 with mange … that’s how we recently found more than 100 lions and other big cats at a farm in the North West province.

There was no King of the Jungle, no magnificent Lion King here … there was just misery, suffering, deprivation and desperation. Everything about the place stank of exploitation for trade – and even the babies weren’t spared … we removed two cubs that couldn’t walk and seemed to have brain damage.

This is the sad state we found the lion cubs in:

Enough to make your blood boil? Ours too. We’ve already laid charges of cruelty against the farmer – now we need your support to help the lion cubs recover.

Their journey to health and freedom will be long – and expensive. It will take at least six months to begin to repair the damage caused by malnutrition and meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the brain).

Please donate now to help provide nutritious food, supplements, veterinary tests, ongoing check-ups and medicines: all essentials to help the lion cubs heal.

Their ultimate recovery will be worth every cent – because it will be a victory… not only for the lions but for every person who stands up to support them today.

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