Imagine a million people donated just R1 a month to an organisation that protects animals. Imagine that R1 a month was your contribution to over R12 MILLION a year, AND all it cost you was R12. Imagine the possibilities!

We invite you to join our A MILLION VOICES fundraising campaign in support of our active involvement in improving the welfare of animals in South Africa.

Be our voice and help us to ASK one million voices. Ask your family and friends to join you in taking the pledge. Speak to your colleagues at work. Speak to both INDIVIDUALS and BUSINESS OWNERS. Send an email or a WhatsApp. Chat about the pledge on Facebook and Twitter.

We truly value your support, so please send an email to letting us know when you have made your donation.  We’d love to send you a personal thank you letter acknowledging your kind consideration of animals.

  • All donors will receive a letter of heartfelt appreciation.
  • Business Donors will receive a Certificate of Appreciation.
  • A Section 18(A) Tax Certificate is available on request to South African taxpayers.
NSPCA A Million Voices

How Can I Help?

Debit Order

By adding YOUR VOICE you help us to ensure that no animal in South Africa is subjected to any form of cruelty. It all starts with you taking the #WeLoveYou pledge and signing up for a monthly debit order.

Credit Card/EFT

Secure online payment with PayGate.

Other Ways to Donate

For additional donation options such as PayPal, SnapScan etc.: