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The NSPCA Inspectors carry out Inspections at all Farm Animal Facilities

Our focus areas include:

The Farm Animal Protection Unit (FAPU) has skilled Inspectors who operate throughout South Africa, reactively and pro-actively.

The use and abuse of farm animals, now by legal definition including crocodiles and certain species of wildlife, in sheer numbers of animals affected far exceeds any other form of mistreatment. The FAPU is committed to improving the quality of life of these animals and ensuring their compassionate and humane handling.

Pro-active work includes inspections and the taking of appropriate action at facilities where animals are farmed, bred, housed, handled, transported or slaughtered. Facilities include intensive and small scale farms, pounds, abattoirs, sale yards, hatcheries, prisons and agricultural facilities. Additionally petting farms, crocodile farms, alpaca farms, mohair farms and animals being exported.

The Farm Animal Protection Unit undertakes the monitoring and protection of the following species: – sheep, pigs, goats, cattle including dairy cows, poultry, ostriches, emus, crocodiles, rabbits, equine, alpacas plus farmed fish and other aquatic species raised for food production.

Animals in South Africa are farmed for their meat, eggs, hides, fibre, milk, oil and other by-products. The commercial farming of them usually involves intensive systems which means confinement in crates, cages or pens. Animals may not be able to even turn around or lie down comfortably.

Reactive work includes responding to complaints: – all of which are investigated and feedback given. It also involves response to accidents which as vehicles carrying live animals being involved in an accident or being delayed en route due to inclement weather, industrial action or disruptive protests. By definition, farm animals are confined. Response to the occurrence of raging veld fires to assist animals has become an annual occurrence.

Disasters and Emergencies

Fires, floods and drought are not uncommon in South Africa. They are all enormously destructive and impact heavily on the lives of people and their animals.

The NSPCA has specialised response teams on standby 24/7 to respond to disasters. These Inspectors can be dispatched to the affected areas at very short notice to assist farmers to locate their animals and take them to places of safety.

Compassionate assistance is also provided to the injured and dying.

Our response teams also attend to roadside accidents involving vehicles transporting animals, and the rescue of animals caught in perilous situations.

What Can I Do? We need your support in protecting our beautiful farm animals in South Africa

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