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Thank you for contacting the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) in South Africa. We are delighted that you have visited our web site and hope that you found it both interesting and informative.

We advise that we receive a huge amount of mail asking for the use of our logo in school projects, especially from overseas countries. This makes it difficult and extremely time-consuming to screen these applications and to determine even which are genuine. Legal issues require clearance and we suggest that it would be better and far more sensible all round if contact was made with a charity in your own country.

Use of the NSPCA Logo

Please note: the SPCA logo is owned and copyrighted by the NSPCA. It may not be reproduced, copied or used without the express written permission of the NSPCA. In order to give permission for its use or publication we require far more information than it will be used in a project or on a website.

Information – but not our logo – from our web site may be used with pleasure but we ask that in each instance, the source of the information is acknowledged as


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Reporting animal cruelty to your local SPCA directly will ensure that the animal is reached faster

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