The primary objective of the Society Liaison Unit is to uphold and enforce the provisions of the SPCA Act 169 of 1993 (hereinafter referred to as the SPCA Act) while promoting the highest standards of care and humane treatment for all animals entrusted to SPCAs, remain paramount.

SPCAs are bound by the provisions of the SPCA Act and the Rules in terms of the SPCA Act. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that all 70 SPCAs are compliant with the rules, policies, and standards that have been formulated and adopted by SPCAs. Compliance by SPCAs results in uniformity, equality, consistency, and aids in maintaining the highest standards of animal husbandry to set us apart from other welfare organisations.

The Unit facilitates co-operation between SPCAs through regular regional meetings and dispute resolution. Regional meetings ensure that the SPCAs engage in information and resource sharing, brainstorming and collective problem-solving.

We promote the interests of member SPCAs by providing advice, guidance, training, educational material, assistance with complex cases, and, when necessary, making national appeals on behalf of struggling SPCAs.

We also assist with disasters, emergencies, outreaches and respond to complaints in areas where there are no SPCAs. Compliance with the law remains high on our agenda and is achieved through education, remedial action, and litigation.