The primary objective of the Society Liaison Unit is to uphold and enforce the provisions of the SPCA Act 169 of 1993 (referred to as the SPCA Act) while the promotion of the highest standards of care and humane treatment for all animals entrusted to SPCAs, remain paramount.

SPCAs are obligated to adhere to the SPCA Act and its associated Rules. Thus, it is crucial to guarantee that all 68 SPCAs comply with the regulations, policies, and standards established and adopted by them. This adherence fosters uniformity, equality, and consistency, bolstering the highest standards of animal husbandry to distinguish us from other welfare organizations.

The Unit facilitates collaboration among SPCAs through regular regional meetings and dispute resolution mechanisms. These meetings foster information and resource sharing, as well as collective problem-solving among SPCAs.

We support member SPCAs by providing advice, guidance, training, educational material, assistance with complex cases, and, when necessary, making national appeals on behalf of struggling SPCAs. Additionally, we provide aid during disasters, emergencies, and outreaches, and address complaints in areas without SPCAs. Ensuring compliance with the law remains a top priority, achieved through education, corrective measures, and legal actions.