The main objectives of the Society Liaison Unit are contained in the SPCA Act 169 of 1993.  It is our unit’s duty to ensure that all 76 SPCAs comply with the policies and standards that have been formulated in conjunction with these SPCAs and adopted over the years.

We actively promote co-operation between the SPCAs since we are only as strong as all of us together, forming part of a movement that has been setting the bar for animal welfare since the establishment of the first SPCA in South Africa in 1872.

We promote the interests of the member SPCAs by providing advice, guidance, training, educational material, assistance with complex cases and, when necessary, making national appeals on behalf of struggling SPCAs.

We assist with disasters and outreaches and respond to complaints in areas where there is no SPCA. Promoting the highest level of care and humane treatment for the animals entrusted to SPCAs remains paramount.

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