The NSPCA Special Projects unit travels throughout South Africa working extensively to ensure that animals transported within South Africa and through ports of entry/exit are handled humanely and with compassion.

The inspectors promote the upliftment of animal welfare at all the ports of entry. This does not just include the animals being transported through our ports but also working animals used at the borders.

Land Borders

The movement of animals through land ports is extensive and the species include wildlife, farm, and domestic pets. The NSPCA conducts regular campaigns at various ports along our borders to check on the welfare of the animals being transported, and the appropriateness of vehicles used. Road transport presents its own animal welfare problems which include long distance travel, overcrowding and associated injuries as well as long delays at border posts.

Border officials are at the forefront in the prevention of cruelty to animals and to end the smuggling of animals through our borders. Officials from various departments are trained on Animal Welfare, the Animals Protection Act as well as handling, compliance and compassion towards all animals crossing the ports. Assistance is provided long after the initial training by means of continued communication and guidance.

Sparky Borders
NSPCA Inspector examining a Bird cage


Thousands of animals are moved annually through OR Tambo International Airport both internationally and nationally, and this airport, as well as others around the country are closely monitored by Inspectors. The welfare issues encountered involve sub-standard crates, insufficient ventilation, overcrowding, long periods of travel and stand-overs in warehouses due to delays in legal clearances, the incorrect loading and handling of crates containing live animals as well as the lack of care in placement within the warehouses and outside in a variety of weather conditions. Our trained Inspectors promote the highest standards of animal welfare and ensure compliance to International Air Transport Association (IATA) live animal regulations.

The Special Project Unit Inspectors also conduct inspections at the various departments stationed at Airports who make use of dogs for security, patrolling, customs services and wildlife management. Read more here