Stroop – A Hard Hitting, Award-Winning Documentary About The Rhino Horn War

The NSPCA salutes the courageous local filmmakers, Susan Scott and Bonné de Bod, who daringly investigated the horrific, abhorrent and dangerous rhino horn trade and produced a hard-hitting, factual and concise documentary called Stroop – journey into the rhino horn war.

Members of the NSPCA attended the screening of the film today and described it as well researched, heart wrenching and harrowing. The raw emotion that the film evokes is only indicative of how devastating the situation is – a situation which is described as a species genocide by the filmmakers.

The NSPCA’s very own Karen Trendler, the manager of the NSPCA’s Wildlife Trade & Trafficking Portfolio, is featured in the film; documenting her integral part in protecting rhinos when she was running the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage and the tragic impact this trade had on the orphanage.

The NSPCA commends the commitment of the two incredibly courageous women for their bravery and unrelenting passion to uncover this appalling trade in the face of adversity and danger. A trade that has incited disregard for human and animal life alike.

The NSPCA implores each and every South African, especially our politicians, to watch this documentary in order to save our rhinos.

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