The National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) continues its unwavering pursuit of justice for “Words,” the racehorse tragically subjected to cruelty during a race almost five years ago. Despite the passage of time, the NSPCA remains resolute in holding those responsible to account for their actions.

Since initially exposing the cruelty inflicted on Words, in May 2019, both the owner and trainer involved in Words’ case have passed away, and the jockey has emigrated, complicating the prosecution. However, our commitment to seeking justice remains steadfast.

The NSPCA’s persistent efforts have compelled the Director of Public Prosecutions to reinstate the case after it was initially taken off the roll. This reinstatement underscores the gravity of the matter and the importance of holding the remaining accused accountable for their involvement in this heinous act of cruelty.

In January 2019, Words, a young female racehorse, was euthanised after sustaining a catastrophic injury during a race. Subsequent investigations by the NSPCA revealed the use of a highly controversial piece of equipment known as a “tongue tie,” which was attached to Words’ tongue. This practice, aimed at purportedly improving performance, instead subjected Words to unnecessary distress and suffering.

Tongue tying, banned by reputable equestrian organizations such as the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), has been condemned for its cruelty and lack of proven benefits. Words’ case serves as a reminder of the urgent need to abolish such inhumane practices within the horseracing industry.

“We are steadfast in our commitment to seek justice for Words and to ensure accountability for those involved in her cruel treatment,” remarked Dr Bryce Marock, Veterinary Consultant of the NSPCA.

The NSPCA will continue to actively monitor this case, to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to book. We urge everyone to join us in our pursuit of justice for Words and in our mission to safeguard the welfare of animals in all spheres of animal racing.

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