The Page Farming Trust of East London and Al Mawashi, a Kuwaiti company registered in South Africa, shipped approximately 60 000 live sheep to Kuwait in October 2019 and intend on shipping another 70 000 live sheep in March 2020.

Live Animal Export

On their journey, they will experience at least 21 days of:

  • Disease
  • High ammonia levels leading to respiratory and ocular infections
  • Living in their own excrement
  • Motion sickness
  • Overcrowding
  • Overheating
  • Physical trauma and injuries
  • Severe thirst and hunger

If they haven’t died en route, the sheep will be brutally slaughtered fully conscious.

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In October 2019, 60 000 sheep were sent to the Middle East by ship, and another 70 000 are destined to leave South Africa in March 2020 – their destination? Death.

They will journey for a period of three weeks, subjected to rough seas and completely unnatural conditions.

On board this ship, they will be crammed so tightly that many will not be able to lie down and rest. For three weeks, they will stand, with limited access to food and water and some will have no access at all. To add insult to injury – they will be forced to stand in their own excrement, wearing what is called “fecal jackets”. For three weeks.

“More than 100 000 litres of urine and faeces accumulate on a typical live export ship every day sheep are on board. The ship won’t be ‘washed out’ until after they’ve disembarked” – Animals Australia

Onboard Live export of sheep
Live export Onboard
Sheep Live export Onboard
Live export Onboard Sheep
Flock of Sheep Live Export of Animals
Live Export of Animals Sheep in Distress
Distressed Animals Live Export
Sheep in Distress Live Export of Animals
Live Animal Export

The high temperatures in the Middle East, which remain persistently high without relief (even overnight), make it impossible for the sheep to regulate their body temperatures. Between May to October, the combined heat and humidity can reach catastrophic levels causing heat stroke – quite literally resulting in sheep “cooking alive” while they are incarcerated in what is in effect an oven.

The weeks of untreated waste build-up mixed with high temperatures will create a lethal slurry of excrement making it dangerous for animals to lie down as they risk being buried alive. The ammonia from the excrement poisons the air, burns the eyes and throats of those on board, and often leads to respiratory infections.

All of this mixed with disease, overcrowding, pneumonia, motion sickness, physical trauma and injuries, and stress creates the perfect environment for excruciating suffering and many animals will die in transit.

As if that is not enough, the sheep that survive this merciless journey face inhumane handling only to be violently slaughtered while fully conscious.

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