The NSPCA Wildlife Protection Unit (WPU) recently received a complaint about an individual attempting to sell a Cape Vulture on Facebook.  The photographs accompanying the complaint were shocking, as the Vulture was tied with a nylon rope to a steel bar.

With no information about the location of the seller and the Vulture, the WPU was able to trace the location to Rouxville, Freestate. The WPU responded promptly and with the assistance of the local South African Police Service, consulted with local residents, to successfully obtain the address of the seller.

Upon arrival, the Cape Vulture was found in a steel cage, filled with dangerous objects.  There was no provision of food or water.  It is, at this stage, unknown how the seller handled the Vulture, as the bird showed no signs of defending or escaping, which is a behavioural concern.

The seller purportedly caught the Vulture on a nearby farm and wanted money for it.

The WPU is in the process of compiling a docket, to lay criminal charges against the seller.

The Cape Vulture was removed from the harsh conditions, taken for veterinary examination and is currently with Vulpro, an NSPCA Accredited Facility.

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