The NSPCA was alerted to several cattle that had been brutally butchered and left to die in De Wildt, Gauteng on 18 July 2018.
A National Inspector of the NSPCA’s Farm Animal Protection Unit arrived at the gruesome scene to find the remains of approximately four cattle strewn across a construction site. Two cattle were sitting up amongst the devastation, unable to move as the tendons in their hind legs had been hacked. Upon further investigation, a calf which had also had its tendons cut was discovered, concealed by persons on the scene.
While on the scene, one of the owners of the cattle arrived with the intention to take the injured animals to an abattoir in Brits but with the assistance of the Shoshanguve SAPS K9 Unit, the three injured animals were euthanized on site to prevent further suffering due to the severity of their injuries.
“It is incomprehensible that these perpetrators acted without any compassion and tortured these animals, completely disregarding the animals’ suffering. The scene was horrific and heart wrenching,” said National Inspector Colette Barnard of the NSPCA Farm Animal Protection Unit.
The NSPCA would like to thank Constable Hlatshwayo and Sergeant Mothlabi of the Shoshanguve K9 Unit for their swift response and willingness to assist in securing the scene as well as the euthanasia of the animals.
The NSPCA is shocked and horrified by the brutality of such attacks on animals and urges anyone with any information relating to this case to contact the NSPCA Farm Animal Protection Unit on 011 907 3590.

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