Our world is experiencing the very real effects of climate change and according to the Development Bank of Africa “Africa is the most vulnerable continent to climate change impacts…and faces exponential collateral damage, posing systemic risks to its economies, infrastructure investments, water and food systems, public health, agriculture, and livelihoods”. And this critical issue is included in the budget considerations of the South African Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development.

Climate Change Wild Fires

Climate change will increasingly affect us all – we already feel the changes in weather conditions and are suffering with more severe droughts and storms and unusual rainfall patterns.

In the most basic terms this affects crop production and food security.

And the welfare of animals is already compromised because of human activities such as intensive farming, which are significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and accelerating this global crisis.

People, animals and the environment are all at risk.

We cannot escape climate change, but we can all contribute to slowing down its progress and we can commit to individually and collectively being more responsible

As individuals we can all make a difference if we commit to:

Climate Change Impact on Animals

Reduce, Reuse, Repair & Recycle. This is a starting point and something each one of us is able to do, collectively this will have a positive impact.

Stay informed with the latest news and global initiatives. We must use our resources wisely – from water to fuel – everything is interlinked and everything is important.

Buy Ethically – now more than ever is the time to review what we eat, the cost to the animals and the planet and make the decision to make more ethical and kinder choices.

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