The NSPCA issues an urgent appeal to members of the public to be extra cautious when permitting access to private property.

This follows after an incident in Kempton Park, where three unknown persons posed as SPCA employees to gain access to a private property.

What happened:

It is reported that the three persons impersonating SPCA employees (one of which claiming to be a veterinarian), entered a residential home. These individuals committed criminal activities, and were seen driving a green vehicle.

Unfortunately the vehicle make and registration number is unknown at this stage.

How to avoid this from happening to you:

We wish to assure the public that all SPCA Inspectors must wear full uniform with visible SPCA insignia. Vehicles used will also be branded accordingly.

Insignia on Inspectors are the epaulettes and flashes as seen above.

Should you doubt that the Inspector is indeed from the SPCA, we advise you contact the local SPCA office for confirmation. You can also request a copy of the Inspector’s Magisterial Authorisation. This document will be signed by the local Magistrate.

We are saddened that people are using the good name of the SPCA to commit criminal activities.

SPCA Inspectors now run the risk of not being able to perform their duties to assist animals, should members of the public lose trust in our organisation.

We urge members of the public to contact the NSPCA immediately on 011 907 3590 should they come across a person wearing SPCA insignia, and it is felt that the person is not from the SPCA, or unable to provide satisfactory identification.

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