The NSPCA recently received information about an event in Mpumalanga, that included dog and horse racing, to supposedly highlight arts and culture in the area.

Dog racing has been illegal in South Africa since 1949 and the NSPCA will continue to act on behalf of the animals to stop any such events. The NSPCA informed the organisers in the days leading to the event, through a Warning, that any dog racing events may not continue and further stipulated requirements that must be adhered to if the horse racing event continues. 

Fortunately, the organisers cancelled the dog race, but the horse racing event proceeded with NSPCA oversight. Observations revealed mistreatment of horses, such as saddle sores, mouth sores, and lameness, prompting the disqualification of 9 horses by the NSPCA. Sjamboks used by jockeys were confiscated and any incorrect or unsuitable tack was removed.  A total of 47 horses took part in the race.

Warnings were issued to owners for various concerns and a Warning was issued to the organisers for future compliance.

The NSPCA will not hesitate to assist animals in need. 

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