The Lower South Coast SPCA (“SPCA”), a small Society situated in Uvongo, Margate is in dire straits after a traumatic incident of arson, with their Ford Bantam vehicle being set alight, with three dogs in the vehicle, during the evening of Sunday, 19 May 2024, in Nkampini.

The SPCA received a notification from their vehicle tracking company just after 18:40 on 19 May 2024, indicating that the vehicle’s tracker has sent off an emergency signal.  The tracking company, SPCA personnel and the SAPS Search & Rescue Unit initiated a search for the driver and vehicle.  At this stage, it was unknown whether the vehicle was carrying animals.

The vehicle was found, with three dogs in the vehicle, burnt alive.  The amount of suffering these animals would’ve endured is unimaginable. The driver was found unharmed, but confused in the early hours of Monday, 20 May 2024.

It is absolutely barbaric that anyone would commit such a heinous act against the SPCA, being a non-profit organisation with extremely limited resources.  This struggling SPCA has been serving their community to the best of its ability, but this malicious act have brought their operational capacity to a standstill.

The SPCA’s vehicles offer a lifeline to countless animals in need, and without it, the SPCA cannot reach those animals who require assistance.  This treasonous act should be condemned by the community in the strongest terms, and the South African Police Service is called upon to ensure swift and stringent action against those responsible.

The NSPCA appeals to all individuals, organisations, and companies to assist the Lower South Coast SPCA with donations and assistance towards replacement of the vehicle, or a vehicle on loan in their area.  With already limited recourses, they cannot afford to go a single day without a vehicle.

Donations can be made directly to the Lower South Coast SPCA at:

BANK: Nedbank Limited

Branch code 198765

Account no. 1184618100

Reference: Vehicle

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If you are as passionate about animals and their well-being as we are, consider supporting our causes by donating here.

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