The two lion cubs that were impounded by the Kloof & Highway SPCA on Tuesday, 21 May 2024 have found their place of safety at an NSPCA Accredited Wildlife Facility.  Responding to a complaint, the Kloof of Highway SPCA conducted an inspection at the Durban property, with the residents denying owning any animals.  The next moment, Kloof & Highway SPCA staff noticed two lion cubs in the driveway of the adjacent property…

Considering that the residents of the property and the neighbours, where the cubs were found, denied ownership of the cubs, the cubs were impounded as stray animals. Simba and Nala, a male and a female, are approximately four months old.

In terms of the Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 169 of 1993, SPCAs may only temporarily house wildlife, and therefore Simba and Nala have been moved to a sanctuary on Saturday, 25 May 2024, to ensure their safety, and that is fully equipped to cater for their specific needs.  Out of concern for their safety, the location will remain undisclosed

The cubs are under consultation of an expert veterinarian for big cats to ensure the cubs receive a proper diet and are of sound health.

The NSPCA is pleased that the South African Police Service is investigating the matter and that a docket has been opened.

It is illegal to keep indigenous wildlife in South Africa without the proper permits.  The SPCA is opposed to the keeping and/or breeding of indigenous and exotic wild species in captivity for reasons other than for bona fide conservation purposes.

The NSPCA and Kloof & Highway SPCA will assist the SAPS in its investigation, to ensure that those who exploited Simba and Nala face the full might of the law. Sincere thanks is extended to the Kloof & Highway SPCA for their swift action in this matter, placing the welfare and well-being of Simba and Nala at the forefront.

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