Screenshots placed on Facebook depicting presenter Piet Croucamp of Kyknet’s Megaboer medicating a severely injured sheep led to the NSPCA uncovering a situation of grave concern and seriousness. There was an outcry regarding the severity of the injury to the sheep and the inappropriate handling of the matter by lay persons.

A Senior Inspector, in the NSPCA’s Farm Animal Protection Unit and the NSPCA’s Veterinarian traced the matter to a farm in the Tarlton area. The NSPCA personnel found sheep confined in an enclosure where there was one lamb with an injury and one sheep with bandaging on her abdominal area.  This sheep had severe mastitis which had led to a gangrenous condition known as “blue udder”. We were advised by Croucamp that the sheep had been in this condition for two weeks.

The injured lamb was unable to place weight on a hind leg. A Warning was issued in terms of the Animals Protection Act for the lamb to receive immediate veterinary attention or for it to be humanely euthanased. On further inspection, the lamb had been removed from the property. The NSPCA was advised by Croucamp that he had taken the lamb to an informal settlement/village where it was slaughtered for the purpose of consumption.

Examination of the sheep revealed that the wound was infected. The “treatment” given by the lay person, Croucamp, was inadequate and ineffective. A painkiller, but no systemic antibiotics, was being provided. Croukamp alleged that the sheep was being treated with antibiotics yet the bottle he produced did not contain an antibiotic of any sort as he claimed.

Topical antibiotics and/or cleansing were not even provided adequately.  The sheep’s teats had sloughed off, including the mammary tissues. The animal was in such a poor physical condition that to prolong her life would be cruel and would cause further unnecessary suffering.

The NSPCA is horrified at the mistreatment and cruelty inflicted upon the sheep and lamb. 

The question is: – WHY was no veterinary assistance rendered?

It compounds the offence when individuals boast of their wrong-doings on social media and are in positions where they truly ought to know better.








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