The NSPCA is deeply saddened by the immense devastation caused by the collapse of the Jagersfontein dam in the Free State. The NSPCAs thoughts and prayers are with the members of the surrounding community who have lost their homes and loved ones.

Often, when disasters strike, owners are so overwhelmed and traumatized that it becomes difficult for them to cater to the needs of their animals. As a result, many animals are also left displaced and in need of urgent assistance.

Yesterday, when the flooding had been reported, the NSPCA quickly stepped in to assist animals in need during this disaster. The NSPCA currently has teams of Inspectors working at the forefront of this disaster alongside other emergency response bodies. The combined efforts between disaster management and animal welfare (NSPCA) determine the success of community relief.

The NSPCAs Inspectors are working through the sludge of the flooding and are LITERALLY pulling animals out of the mud. Our Inspectors are also actively working in the surrounding communities to reach residents in need of help with their animals.

So far, the NSPCA has rescued a number of domestic animals, farm animals and even wild animals. The NSPCA has also made the tragic discovery of the remains many animals who did not survive the flooding and ended up being trapped in the sludge. Disasters favour no one, not people and certainly not animals either.

While working through the sludge has risks of its own, the NSPCAs experienced teams of Inspectors will bravely continue their work, determined to rescue any animals in need and provide support for the communities that are affected.

As residents begin to build their lives again, many of them may have to face the reality of no longer being able to look after their pets. It will then rest on the shoulders of the SPCA movement to ensure that those animals have a place to go.

The NSPCA will provide updates on this rescue operation as it progresses.

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