NSPCA Veterinary Consultant, Dr Bryce Marock, recently exemplified our commitment to animal welfare in an unexpected setting.  While attending a wedding in Colesburg on 10 February 2024, Dr Marock found himself called to action when a concerned member of the community alerted him to a lame horse in the area.

With the help of locals, Dr Marock quickly sprang into action.  The horse was located and found to be suffering from a severe hoof abscess, causing significant pain and discomfort. Despite the horse’s owner being unreachable, Dr Marock provided immediate treatment, including systemic antibiotics, pain medications, and topical solutions.

The NSPCA’s dedication to animal welfare knows no bounds, and this instance was no exception. While addressing the horse’s health issues, Dr Marock extended assistance to the community, providing dips, dewormers, topical ointments, and dog food to those in need.

Thanks to the collaborative effort of Dr Marock and the local community, the horse is now running freely in the veld alongside her herd, restored to health and happiness.

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the NSPCA’s unwavering commitment to animals, even in unexpected circumstances. No matter where we are or what we’re doing, our dedication to animal welfare remains steadfast.

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